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Edible Cake Decoration


There's nothing quite like a personalized cake to make any celebration truly special. Decorating your own freshly baked cake used to involve mixing up frosting to just the right consistency, and required the skills necessary to pipe a passable design. Buying a custom cake from your local bakeshop meant limited choices and exorbitant prices. This is no longer the case, thanks to edible cake decoration supplies. Now, you can create original and beautifully garnished cakes for any number of occasions, without spending hours in a cake decorating class or a fortune for a custom cake at your local bakery. When you opt for edible cake decoration, you don't have to worry about frosting attempts that turn out lopsided and unattractive, or wasting your entire celebration budget on an overpriced bakeshop creation.

Edible cake decorations are confectionary delights made from sugar, fondant or frosting that have been pre-shaped into any number of designs. There are rounds that cover a cake top and sides completely, flat or raised toppers in an assortment of precut shapes, edible sheets pre-printed with an image, and even edible candles. At, you'll also find all the popular Disney characters made from delicious edible ingredients that can take a plain-jane sheet cake and transform it into the perfect themed dessert. You can order edible cake decoration supplies ahead of time and pop them in the freezer, so they're on hand when you need them; just thaw and follow the package directions.

Edible cake decoration makes creating your own delicious treats easy, fast and fun. When you visit, you'll discover a simply amazing array of decorating products to customize your favorite cakes. Whether you're an experienced baker, just starting out, or you like to take an ordinary grocery store cake and make it special, you'll find just what you need to decorate birthday cakes, wedding or anniversary cakes, Valentines Day cakes, baby shower cakes, Halloween or Easter cakes, fancy cupcakes for any occasion, and more.


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